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We have been working closely with Learn Academies Trust (Learn-AT) for the best part of an academic year now. We had a simple mission: develop an assessment model suitable to implement Trust-wide. Like most Trusts, Learn-AT knew it wouldn’t be so simple, but they knew it would be essential to ensure they provided the best solutions for all stakeholders involved.


Support as important as the software

Recently I’ve been doing some work for a school that’s very close to my heart as all four (yes four!) of my kids having attended there. I was doing a bit of analysis of our users to identify schools that hadn’t yet engaged with OTrack’s assessing without levels features.

Parkwood came up as one of those schools and, having known Jackie Mell and Helen Butler for a few years, I thought I’d give them a call to offer some support.

“Brilliant understanding of the needs of our own individual data. Feel that support has been given to really make our tracking individual and covers the needs of our academy”

Helen Butler, Assessment Co-ordinator Oasis Academy Parkwood, Scunthorpe


Newdale Primary School, Telford

Michelle Bishton at Newdale Primary School kindly took the time to give us some feedback on the service we provide. The school have been OTrack users for two years now and this is their story:

We are delighted that this year we have one of the best data sets we have ever had across school. I’m in no doubt the fact that we use OTrack had a huge impact in this.

Michelle Bishton, Deputy Headteacher – Newdale Primary School, Telford


OTrack and me – a long term relationship!

This is a romantic story about Sharon Wood and her long-term relationship with OTrack.

Early nights, nights out with friends, nights snuggled up on the sofa watching TV. And all because OTrack did the work for me!

Sharon Wood, Atherstone Nursery School


Glebe Junior School’s success using OTrack

As a ‘double RI’ school and ‘coasting’, we were concerned about another Ofsted inspection due in spring 2016, so we worked with OTrack and used Focus Assessment papers to introduce and track without levels. We received customised reports to our exacting and specific needs. This allowed us to turn our school around and become rated as ‘Good’ for Ofsted.


OTrack International – Kings’ Dubai Experience

Kings Logo
When making the transition to the new National Curriculum, the thought at the back of all our minds was ‘how is assessment going to look?’. This was the hot topic of conversation for the majority of the year prior to launching the new curriculum in September 2015.


Focus Academy Trust Pupil Tracking

focus-trustWe have been working with Focus Education for a numbers of years now, being involved with Clive Davies and the team has been a brilliant experience. We have worked on numerous projects and developments together and will continue to do that in the years to come.


Maltby Academy Trust Pupil Tracking

Within 3 days of installing Otrack, the teachers at MLT were recording outcomes of assessments using the web version of Class Track and the Class Track app. With Class Track and the MLT curriculum working seamlessly together, teachers can now record assessments and analyse gaps in pupil’s abilities.


Simple Pupil Tracking

“We needed a simple pupil tracking system that would work with our assessing without levels theory – we needed it to be quick and easy to use. It was essential that it allowed us to record formative and summative assessments, then pull it all together and get an indication of where children are in terms of attainment and progress. OTrack does this with ease.”

– Jo Harrison, Headteacher at Stoneferry Primary School in Hull


Meaningful Data After Levels

I’ve been doing some work to help improve pupil tracking for a couple of schools recently, and to summarise at the start of this blog: It’s been fun!

It’s been enjoyable for a number of reasons… I’ve known Janis James, the Executive Headteacher of Bentley High Street Primary and Rosedale Primary, for a long time now – and its great to be working with her again. Also, Janis and her colleagues are really great to work with; they are proactive, full of ideas, honest and fun!

“OTrack has sped up our ability to analyse data so that we can focus on systems to accelerate progress.”

– Rebecca Austwick, Head of School at Bentley High Street, Doncaster


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