Free OTrack Webinar – Introducing OTrack

Due to high demand and the success of our free webinars, we now have another session running on Thursday 14th September at 10am.

In this session, we will be showing you how to make pupil tracking easy in a life after levels.

OTrack is an online pupil tracking system that simplifies the tracking of attainment and progress of your pupils.

How to register for the webinar

This is simple too: Register here

Go to the link and complete the form. You will receive an email that has a big ‘Join’ button, click on that button at 10am on Thursday 14th September and you will be in the webinar. Simple!

Pupil Tracking For You

If you decide to use OTrack then, we will get you up-and-running and make it nice and easy for you to use. Here’s how:

  1. We will have a chat so we can learn how you want to track.
  2. We will configure OTrack to meet your needs.
  3. We will train you and your staff to show you how easy the system is to use.

OTrack Features

OTrack has formative and summative assessment features. They are really easy to use and we will go through these in this webinar.

What About Progress?

One of the aims of this webinar is to show you how you can track against age-related expectations and expected progress flight paths.

Get Started now ...

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