KS2 Test Analysis Service

On Tuesday 5th July 2016 we released a new KS2 Test Analysis service. Within the first 12 hours of release, we had over 200 schools order it and use it.

This new service enables you to easily analyse your 2016 test data using Test Raw Scores, Test Outcome Assessment Codes and Teacher Assessments.

It’s easy

Simply follow these 4 steps, then you will be analysing your data in our easy-to-read reports:

  1. Import your pupils
  2. Complete the data entry screen
  3. Confirm pupils KS1 results
  4. Run the reports

OTrack Key Stage Outcomes Report Pack

What does it do?

Once you have entered the data into OTrack, you will be able to run the reports instantly.

In addition, if you want, you can request a PDF report pack -we will run all the reports for you, and bundle them into a single, 25+ page PDF report pack.

The next working day you will receive a secure download link sent directly to you to share and print.

The reports will allow you to easily:

  • Compare KS1 ability groups to test outcomes
  • View context groups analysis for KS1 vs KS2
  • Analyse number and percentage of pupils achieving standards
  • Compare test and teacher assessments
  • Analyse KS1 ability groups against teacher assessment outcomes
  • Show pupils, in many context groups, who attained ‘below’, ‘at’ and ‘above’
  • Get an average scaled score for each context group
  • View many attainment mapping grids
  • Show pupil lists broken down by key context groups

Download a sample reports pack here.

How much does it cost?

If you are an existing OTrack user, this will cost £50 (before Sept 2016) or if you don’t use OTrack to track your pupils attainment and progress then the price is just £150.

How to order

Pop over to our online order form, fill it in and we will get this service up and running for you within 24 hours. If you need to use the system in a hurry, please complete the form then call us on 01302 360 246… explain that you have just ordered and need it ‘fast-tracking’.


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