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OTrack allows you to compare and track pupils attainment and progress at the touch of a button. Our customisable approach to pupil tracking allows you to track assessment in a way that suits your needs and your school.


Formative Tracking

A true assessing without levels system that allows you to plan and teach to pupils’ knowledge gaps.

This is the perfect way to track pupils’ understanding of curriculum objectives. By using our formative tracking feature, you can easily identify what each pupil can and can’t do, as well as identifying coverage and any gaps within your pupils’ knowledge.

Essentially, this system ‘tracks the learner’, so planning and teaching can be targeted for pupils’ needs.

Summative Tracking

Show progression, attainment, depth of understanding using teacher assessments and tests.

Our summative tracking options have been designed with the new curriculum in mind. The focus of these features are to give you the ability track the attainment and progress of each pupil’s knowledge within a Programme of Study and/or Test.

Custom Reporting

No more spreadsheets and calculators.

This is where OTrack becomes really powerful. We have a number of ‘off the shelf’ reports ready for you to use, but if one of our existing reports doesn’t suit your assessment style, then we can build them bespoke to your school.

Additional Features

End of KS2 Analysis

This additional feature enables you to easily analyse your end of KS2 data using Test Raw Scores, Test Outcome Assessment Codes and Teacher Assessments. You can:

  • Compare KS1 ability groups to test outcomes
  • View context groups analysis for KS1 vs KS2
  • Analyse number and percentage achieving standards
  • Compare test and teacher assessments
  • Analyse KS1 ability groups against outcomes
  • Show pupils who attained ‘below’, ‘at’ and ‘above’
  • Get an average scaled score for each context group
  • View many attainment mapping grids
  • Show pupil lists broken down by key context groups

In addition, if you want, you can request a PDF report pack – we will run all the reports for you, and bundle them into a single, 25+ page PDF report pack.

Reporting to Parents

The OTrack reporting to parent’s features allow you to choose how you want to report to parents. We can include all or part of the information that you record in any other features of OTrack so you can share valuable information with your pupils’ parents or carers.

  • You can share reports and notes with parents using the online portal
  • Or maybe you prefer to print reports and send them home to parents
  • We can design and build reports to meet your exact needs
  • In addition, if you use Class Track assessments we can fully or partly automate your in year and end of year reports to parents


Behaviour Monitoring

OTrack’s simple behaviour monitoring module enables you to:

  • Easily record information about pupils’ attitudes to learning, lessons, other pupils, teachers and staff
  • Reward pupils for positive behaviour and keep records of negative incidents
  • Include pupils and parents in records or behaviour and incident logging
  • Share data with relevant staff
  • Tracking all behaviour types – you create your own categories
  • Analyse all data for rates, patterns and trends

Pupil Progress Meetings

The pupil progress meetings module allows you to keep a secure record of minutes, actions and notes from your pupils progress meetings. You can:

  • Record information for as many meetings as you wish
  • Split notes for year groups or classes
  • Take notes of pupil groups who aren’t making adequate progress
  • Record information regarding social and emotional concerns, home support and any other category you need
  • Record specific notes against individual pupils

Intervention Mapping

Simplify your intervention mapping with OTrack’s in-built provision tools. You can easily identify pupils who require further support then at the click of a few buttons you can:

  • Create your own intervention groups and place pupils on them
  • Identify the impact of interventions on groups and individuals, be it academic progress or social progress
  • Print reports to show the additional support you have given pupils
  • Report on the financial spend throughout the school, for each adult and for each pupil
  • Easily share intervention data with teachers and parents

Phonics Tracking

Use Read Write Inc or Letters and Sounds to track attainment and progress of your pupils phonic development.

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