3 Resolutions for New Year

Happy New Year

from all of us at

This year, we have 3 main resolutions which are synonymous with the core values here at OTrack.

We resolve to:

 Upgrade all of our schools to OTrack 2018.

We’re really excited to be able to introduce OTrack 2018. We have included many improved features, all developed using modern technologies. We are certain that, once introduced, our schools will love the new, streamlined OTrack.

Find out more via our weekly webinars:

Join a webinar at your chosen time here.

 Maintain our high standard of customer support.

If you feel like you aren’t making the most of OTrack, or part of the system isn’t working right for your school, get in touch.

We have several ways to do this and we are always here to help.

Call the helpdesk on 01302 360246

Log a ticket via

Book an online training session here

 Continue to take on board Schools’ feedback.

The beauty of OTrack 2018 is that it has been developed using modern technologies, allowing us to lay the foundations for future innovations. If you have a suggestion for an improvement for OTrack, let us know – if it is requested by enough schools it is something we will consider making a permanent development.

Log a ticket via

From everyone here at OTrack, we wish you a happy and prosperous new year!

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