It’s been a busy few months at OTrack with some big developments.

We are pleased to say that we have released a number of improvements, updates and bug fixes to the Class Track assessment screens. Most are in preparation of removing the mobile app (see below) with other improvements to loading speed, display layout and ease of navigation.

Advantages of mobile browser use:

  • Choose either a landscape or portrait layout
  • Easier log-in options
  • One point of access for all assessments
  • In-built support and chat features are available

Removal of mobile App

It’s true, we are no longer updating the iOS (Apple) and Android mobile apps. This obviously raises a few questions but we’ll hopefully cover those here – rest assured, this is very much a positive step.

Why are we removing the app?

When we built Class Track, some of the technology we needed wasn’t available in mobile web browsers (Safari, Chrome etc) so we built an app to allow mobile users to access the assessment screens. With these features now available to us, we have improved the browser experience so mobile access now offers the same benefits as the desktop version.

How do I access the app on an iPad / tablet?

You can now access Class Track simply by going to and logging in using your usual username and password. Once logged in for the first time you will be prompted to bookmark the homepage – this will make it quicker and easier to log-in in future as an app icon can be placed on your tablet home screen.

How will this affect users?

The only affects will be positive (yay!) – it will allow us to improve and update Class Track much quicker as we will not be relying on the mobile app distributor’s timescales. (It can take a number of weeks to get an app approved and released by Apple). It also means you don’t have to remember separate usernames for Class Track and OTrack, something which users often found a bit confusing.

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