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Teacher Profile

Teacher Profile is a system that we have created with Focus Education. Teacher Profile has been developed to build a complete profile of each teacher in your school, by recording all appraisal targets and reviews on an iPad or Android device, without the need for a paper-based system. All information is stored on a virtual cloud; meaning you can access it wherever you have a web connection. This will then sync with your school profile – saving hours of time. This fits well with the current Ofsted approach of evaluation.

What information can you record?

You can record your evaluations linked to:
✦ Lesson observations
✦ Work scrutiny
✦ Pupil progress meetings
✦ Drop ins
✦ Learning walks
✦ Pupil discussions
✦ Custom templates

TeacherProfile allows the option to grade elements if you wish. Users can also record an evaluation against the Teachers’ Standards and indicate whether pay progression was recommended.

What reports can you produce?

Like OTrack we can customise reports based on the data recorded in TeacherProfile.

TeacherProfile produces a range of simple reports which evidence the teaching profile in your school and the profile for individual staff. The reports have been designed to be used with leadership teams, governors, staff and inspectors.

To book a demonstration

If you would like to see what TeacherProfile can do please contact us on 01302 360246.

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