We were very lucky to be invited to join the British Embassy in Serbia to be a part of the New Technologies in Education conference. We were with 19 other UK based companies part of the ‘Education is GREAT’ campaign.

The aim of the event was to:

  • Improve the quality of education in Serbia and the wider region
  • Bridge the gap between the ICT industry and the education sector
  • Raise awareness about why we need new technologies in education
  • Provide professional development opportunities for teachers, school personnel, policy makers and other stakeholders in the education systems.

Booked into the conference were 5000 delegates all of whom were enthusiastic about education, from teachers through to Education Ministers.

Source: British Council Serbia Facebook

We were amazed how large the event was. The ‘Education is GREAT’ stand looked amazing, the set out was fantastic, all the delegates seemed to go from one stand to the next, which showed me how much they value education and the fact they are looking for change in technology.

The whole event was covered by both local and national media companies, which provided an extra audience. This will only boost the conference for the next year and years to come. All the talks were live streamed online which provided not just a nationwide audience but a worldwide one. The British Council also had several bloggers going round talking to the different companies and finding out more information.

Source: Al Powell

We managed to sneak away from the stand for half an hour to see Sharon Grey present her talk on Courageous Leadership and Mark Martin explaining how he uses gaming as part of pupils learning and how gamification can keep pupils motivated and focused. These are both very well respected educators and they were a pleasure to meet and spend a couple of days with learning more about what they do.

A week on from the conference and we are still in Serbia mode. We have been working on plans to integrate the Serbian Curriculum into the system as well as talking with several schools about how we can move forward in the region.

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