Custom Pupil Order

Al Powell asked 3 months ago

Have the ability to create a custom order for pupils, instead of either Surname, Forename & Year Group.
This would allow teachers to set out their list as tables of pupils, or in order of ability.

Rob Hadfield Staff replied 4 weeks ago

How do you imagine this working?
We couldn’t implement drag and drop on a table (and I wouldn’t want to for 60+ children). We couldn’t do this based on ability either.
Ideas welcome 🙂

I can think of ways for a few pupils buts lots could be problematic.


Al Powell replied 4 weeks ago

What about being able to order the children in the groups page?
So I could go into my class group and move a child to the top of the list – they would then show at the place everytime (if looking at custom order)
If it can’t work, thats fine

Rob Hadfield Staff replied 4 weeks ago

The problem is that they can be in more than one group so that’s very tricky.

I’ll close this as we have some things on the way to add small groups of pupils to the assessment screen so let’s wait for that.

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