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Al Powell asked 2 weeks ago

Next to the pupils when you click into the blue box, it would be useful if there was an option to show notes for children, possibly a button that opens a new box.

Rob Hadfield Staff replied 6 days ago

Do you mean to get contextual data for that pupil on clicking their name?

So – Assessment Screen > Pupils Down left > Click a Pupil’s Name > Popup with more Pupil Info.

Yes? No?

Al Powell replied 6 days ago

But more to do with notes

Rob Hadfield Staff replied 5 days ago

Sorry, I read that meaning the notes against a pupil profile, you mean Notes as in Notes 😀

For what purpose? I don’t see this happening at the moment as it’s a massive amount of data and not all notes would be relevant would they?

Al Powell replied 5 days ago

Notes as in Notes yes.
In all honesty I cannot remember why it was suggested to me, and I can find it in my notes.

Its main purpose would be to see any notes regarding assessments I guess (which we don’t have a way of identifying)

Rob Hadfield Staff replied 5 days ago

It’s on the list to add an Assessment note type so we’ll revisit this then 👍🏼

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