We have released three new reports and updated severn reports over the last month, please see more info below.

New reports

Pupil Report Card: Provides a report card for the term selected for all tracking methods.

Contextual Group ARE and Termly Targets Comparison: This report compares contextual groups against contextual groups, displaying the percentage of children attaining the expectation set for the subject and term selected.

Subject Overview: Displaying pupil results for each subject; option to colour by termly targets and ARE.

Updated reports

Current Attainment Venn Diagram: New filter to colour pupil names by selected contextual groups.

Triangulation of Data Analysis: If a pupil has passed their phonics test a green tick will appear next to their name.

In Year Attainment Overview: Option Under Pupil Name to select “Hide Pupils Section” which will show summary data only.

Expected Attainment Cohort Review: Added the ability to select at and above or above.

Prior Attainment Mapping Grid: The report is now able to colour code pupil names in accordance with progress arrows. This is done using the ‘Colour Pupil Names’ filter and selecting ‘By Progress’.

Group Snapshot: The report now has the functionality to run for Progress Arrows. This is done by using the ‘Display Other Assessment Data’ filter.

Attainment and Progress Summary: Now has the option to select target vs expectation within the filters. You can also change the way the report is grouped.

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