The final stages of the summer break are here. I’m sure you’re starting to think about what needs completing in preparation for the start of the academic year. One question you may be thinking, is my tracking system ‘New academic year ready’?

Happy with your formative content?

We all know a good system will help identify gaps in learning, aid lesson planning and help reduce teacher workload. Ask yourself, do you have too many or too few statements within your formative content?

Happy with your summative codes?

Are your summative codes serving a purpose in your Pupil Progress Meetings? Perhaps ask yourself if you have too many or too few codes. We’ve recently seen a shift with schools wishing to use a ‘Point in time’ assessment model (WT, AT, GD). This lends itself well to triangulating assessment to what has been taught in a term and the outcomes of a test.

Tracking pupils below POS

Showing progress for pupils below their own programme of study (POS) can be tricky. One way which can help is by ensuring your summative codes allow for indication of a child’s POS to which they are working. An example of this would be as follows:

“Pupil A is a Year 5 child but may be working towards standards in the Year 4 POS. In this instance for Pupil A you would record the summative code 4WT”.

The above scenario allows us to show progress through the year/key stage for Pupil A, rather than having to record ‘Below’ all year.

Simplify analysis reports

It is important to make it as easy as possible to obtain the information you need. I often find schools unsure of which reports to use in their pupil progress meetings, or which to present to governors for example. I always recommend that each report should serve a purpose, but a good starting list would be something like:

  • Mapping Report Against Prior Attainment (Summative TA, Test or both)
  • Flight Path Report (Summative TA, Test or both)
  • Contextual Group Attainment Report (Summative TA, Test or both)
  • RAG rating against Termly Target or Attainment (Summative TA, Test or both)
  • Gaps in Learning
  • Combined Subject (Summative TA, Test or both)

Train new staff

Enable your new staff to hit the ground running with some refresher training, both on usability and updated features of the tracking system. At OTrack we offer in school sessions, or alternatively online webinars, which we find are very useful at the start of the year.

Alongside a robust tracking system, never forget your pupils’ interests come first as they are the reason why we’re all here. Keep their interests central to what you are assessing.

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We hope you are ready for the new academic year, enjoy the upcoming school year!


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