Triangulation of data using OTrack

Triangulation of Test Score, Summative and Formative Data

Use OTrack reports to triangulate data from Formative, Summative and Test Score data giving a wide overview of your pupils’ learning.

Shown below are some common assessment methods and example reports.

Formative Tracking Formative – curriculum content A true assessing without levels system that allows you to plan and teach to pupils’ knowledge gaps. Essentially, this system ‘tracks the learner’, so planning and teaching can be targeted for pupils’ needs.

01 Depth of Knowledge
02 Depth of Knowledge Summary
03 Pupil Subject Development
04 Cohort Subject Overview

Test Scores Test Scores Show progression and attainment using Raw Score or Standardised Score outcomes using Tests.

01 Scores – Pupil Attainment and Progress
02 Scores – Mapping Against Expectation
03 Scores – Group Average Analysis 12.53.12

Summative Summative Show progression, attainment, depth of understanding using teacher assessment.

01 Current Attainment Venn Diagram
02 In Year Attainment Overview
03 Diminishing the Difference
04 ARE and Termly Target Analysis
05 Context Groups Attainment Summary

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