Triangulation of data using OTrack

Use OTrack reports to triangulate data from Formative, Summative and Test Score data giving a wide overview of your pupils’ learning.

Shown below are some common assessment methods and example reports.

Formative – curriculum contentA true assessing without levels system that allows you to plan and teach to pupils’ knowledge gaps. Essentially, this system ‘tracks the learner’, so planning and teaching can be targeted for pupils’ needs.

01 Depth of Knowledge
02 Depth of Knowledge Summary
03 Pupil Subject Development
04 Cohort Subject Overview

Test ScoresShow progression and attainment using Raw Score or Standardised Score outcomes using Tests.

01 Scores – Pupil Attainment and Progress
02 Scores – Mapping Against Expectation
03 Scores – Group Average Analysis 12.53.12

SummativeShow progression, attainment, depth of understanding using teacher assessment.

01 Current Attainment Venn Diagram
02 In Year Attainment Overview
03 Diminishing the Difference
04 ARE and Termly Target Analysis
05 Context Groups Attainment Summary

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Bespoke Tracking in the UAE and beyond

Over the past 19 months we have been growing our customer base in the UAE. Our first three schools were Kings’ School Dubai, Al Barsha & Nad Al Sheba (you can read about my first visit here), we have worked closely with these three schools (and other schools that have come on board) to customise OTrack to not only fit how they want to track, but also for the local criteria.


On track to Outstanding: Parklands Primary, Leeds

Parklands Primary School have been an OTrack user since the Summer of 2012. Following their recent Outstanding Ofsted rating, we were keen to speak to them about how they have been tackling assessment with OTrack in recent years.


Introducing OTrack 2018

We’re really excited to be able to introduce OTrack 2018. We have included many improved features, all developed using modern technologies – allowing us to lay the foundations for future innovations.


DfE Primary Assessment Consultation

In September 2017 the DfE published their responses to the primary assessment consultation that began in March and ran for 12 weeks until 22nd June. Here is a summary of our findings from the document.


Pupil Tracking White Papers

On this page you will a list of white papers that we have released recently. Feel free to download the white papers, and contact us for more info.


Learn-AT : Pupil Tracking in an Academy Trust


We have been working closely with Learn Academies Trust (Learn-AT) for the best part of an academic year now. We had a simple mission: develop an assessment model suitable to implement Trust-wide. Like most Trusts, Learn-AT knew it wouldn’t be so simple, but they knew it would be essential to ensure they provided the best solutions for all stakeholders involved.


What is Point-In-Time Assessment?

We’ve noticed that the vast majority of schools who are changing their tracking methods, are moving away from linear tracking to a Point-In-Time Assessment (PITA) solution.

Schools and MATs have told us that the PITA model fits perfectly with the philosophy of the current curriculum.

Read on to learn how this can help improve your school.


Blueprint for a Tracking System

Renowned education data blogger, James Pembroke, released a blog on 20th February 2017 entitled ‘Blueprint for a tracking system’. This is a ‘go to’ article for schools that are considering purchasing a tracking system, or reviewing the one they have. In the blog, James lists seven capabilities, which all tracking systems should make available to schools.


Support as important as the software

Recently I’ve been doing some work for a school that’s very close to my heart as all four (yes four!) of my kids having attended there. I was doing a bit of analysis of our users to identify schools that hadn’t yet engaged with OTrack’s assessing without levels features.

Parkwood came up as one of those schools and, having known Jackie Mell and Helen Butler for a few years, I thought I’d give them a call to offer some support.

“Brilliant understanding of the needs of our own individual data. Feel that support has been given to really make our tracking individual and covers the needs of our academy”

Helen Butler, Assessment Co-ordinator Oasis Academy Parkwood, Scunthorpe


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